Dogging in Barcelona

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Have you ever felt that you have not been able to satisfy sexual desires and fantasies, because socially you cannot express it or because you think it is very difficult to find people like you without prejudices who seek new sensations and experiences?

In sex there are no limits, we put each of us, but for that there is internet, to find those people that in your daily life you could not know and would like to live and experience as you like.

That is why there are sexual practices such as dogging. Have you heard of her? You’ll like it… Keep reading.

Dogging: intense sexual encounters

Dogging is sex with strangers by appointment online, where you can meet people justly and with confidence to meet at a specific meeting point and have sex. You can invite more people to attend the secret date.

It usually stays in remote areas of the city, in picnic boxes, forests, in cars parked in less urbanized areas, etc. Being sex with strangers has an inevitable morbidity component, which is a guaranteed sexual excitement.

Dogging and its beginnings

It began in the seventies, some say that it originated with men who went outside to walk their dogs and ended up spying on couples having sex on the street in remote areas, causing them to end up participating in the sexual feast. Another theory, on the contrary, states that it is only because it is about sex in the street, as dogs do, hence the term “dogging“.

Dogging in Barcelona

If you are from Barcelona, ​​you are in luck, there are many people wanting to meet to have sporadic sex with people who do not know anything. But there is also a whole community like Dogging Spain, where you will find appointments for the entire national territory.

Dogging, how does it work?

To carry it out, there are rules, as in everything that is sex with others.

It is mandatory to adhere to rules for the good of all participants:

  • Respect public furniture
  • If someone just wants to be an observer, respect their decision
  • Maintain all your personal identity in anonymity
  • Know the laws of the country, because according to which, sex in public if they see you, can be public scandal

Are you willing to live this experience of dogging in Barcelona or in any other city?

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