Dogging in Barcelona


Have you ever felt that you have not been able to satisfy sexual desires and fantasies, because socially you cannot express it or because you think it is very difficult to find people like you without prejudices who seek new sensations and experiences?In sex there are no limits, we put each of us, but for that there is internet, to find those people that in your daily life you could not know and would like to live and experience as you like.That is why there are sexual practices such as dogging. Have you heard of her? You’ll like it… Keep reading.Dogging: intense sexual encountersDogging is sex with strangers by appointment online, where you can meet people justly and with confidence to meet at a specific meeting point and have sex. You can invite more people to attend the secret date.It usually stays in remote areas of the city, in picnic boxes, forests, in cars parked in less urbanized areas, etc. Being sex with strangers has an inevitable morbidity component, which is a guaranteed sexual excitement.Dogging and its beginningsIt began in the seventies, some say that it originated with men who went outside to walk their dogs and ended up spying on couples having sex on the street in remote areas, causing them to end up participating in the sexual feast. Another theory, on the contrary, states that it is only because it is about sex in the street, as dogs do, hence the term “dogging“.Dogging in BarcelonaIf you are from Barcelona, ​​you are in luck, there are many people wanting to meet to have sporadic sex with people who do not know anything. But there is also a whole community like Dogging Spain, where you will find appointments for the entire national territory.Dogging, how does it work?To carry it out, there are rules, as in everything that is sex with others.It is mandatory to adhere to rules for the good of all participants:Respect public furnitureIf someone just wants to be an observer, respect their decisionMaintain all your personal identity in anonymityKnow the laws of the country, because according to which, sex in public if they see you, can be public scandalAre you willing to live this experience of dogging in Barcelona or in any other city?If, however, you prefer sex in a private and sensual environment, try our irresistible escorts from Barcelona, ​​company girls who will be waiting for you in our clubs in Barcelona and Mataró, as for example, in this club of ours in Numancia 12, Barcelona.

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Amazing escorts in Barcelona


How long have you not had a good dust? Of those that you do not forget and with beautiful and sexy girls willing to do what you want? In Haima group we make that dream come true for you.We are a chain of whore clubs, escorts in Barcelona with a large number and variety of company girls open to do what you want.Home services, hotel, anal sex, orgies, threesomes, anal sex, erotic games, bachelor parties, striptease, French sex, sadomasochism, escorts for couples, fetishism.And our chain is the industry leader in Barcelona for being the largest and most experienced. That is why we know that our customers expect delicious and intense sex experience.Escorts in Barcelona in our club Numancia 12In our nightclub in Barcelona on Numancia 12, we have a unique atmosphere where our girls will invite you to taste the delights of sex like no other conventional woman would know how to give you. We invite you to come and taste the pleasures of the flesh until you manage to run.5 clubs plus Eden of sex in MataróNot only are we five clubs, we finally have Club Calipso, with services such as a swimming pool to enjoy a complete experience of eroticism and sex. So that you feel like a master and lord surrounded by whores from Barcelona, ​​and never forget the wonderful women who live in our city.Affordable rates for our customersIt doesn’t matter if you think you have a low budget, you can taste the carnal pleasures that we will offer you at your disposal. But we also have premium services if you are a spicy customer who wants an intense experience.Here are the prices of our different clubs:In Urgell 150, Muntaner 101 and Roma 122Every day from 10am to 10pm at normal price:€ 80 / h and € 130 / h.And rest of time at a special price:30 minutes: € 4060 minutes: € 60In Rosellón 325Normal price:30 minutes: € 6060 minutes: € 100Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 10pm to:30 minutes: € 4060 minutes: € 60In the one of Numancia 12Every day of the week:30 minutes: € 7060 minutes € 120And in the Eden of our clubs, Club Calipso de Mataró:30 minutes: € 4060 minutes: € 60Of course, those are our official prices, but the girls then mark their rates individually.You have no excuse, come and try the Haima experience. You will enjoy as if you enter the seventh heaven.

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Escorts in barcelona expert in cuban


The Cuban is one of the most performed and desired sexual practices, this sexual practice is not like the others because the skills of the couple and the size of the breasts and penis matter. If you want to learn what you need for our escorts in Barcelona to make you a good Cuban continue reading this article.What is Cuban?The Cuban consists of making the man reach orgasm by masturbating the penis with the girl’s large breasts. Normally most of the clients of our escorts in Barcelona want to repeat this great experience without hesitation.This sexual practice is liberated from the romantic part of the sex but that does not mean that it is not a passionate, morbid and very hot experience.Does size matter in Cuban sex?In other sexual practices the size is not really so important but in the case of the Cuban is on the contrary, it is true that the small breasts do not stop being beautiful because they are small but to make a good Cuban require good breasts. Our escorts in Barcelona with large breasts are true professionals in the art of Cuban and position themselves as goddesses of pleasure.If you want to make you a good Cuban do not hesitate and come to our club for your ideal escort in Barcelona, it should be noted that it is not necessary that your girl only make you a Cuban, you can combine a variety of sexual services in all the time you have. You can start with a good French and continue with a Cuban, remember that in the variety is the taste.Our escorts in Barcelona are waiting anxiously to make you a good Cuban, if you think you deserve a good Cuban and want to try our girls contact us or stop by our club.

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